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I just did the first deploy for a new Rails 3.1 application, but the assets dont seem to work correctly.However, the output of for example stylesheetlinktag "application" in my layout has a href pointing to /stylesheets/application.css. So, youve got different stylesheets and want to upgrade to the Rails 3.1 assets pipeline?Here I will show how to use SCSS/CSS on the body-tag to differentiate between two different sites, and between the various pages on each site. It is incredibly easy to upgrade to Rails 3.1, but if you want to take advantage of the asset pipeline you will need to put in some extra effort.< stylesheetlinktag "application" > < javascriptincludetag "application" >. Why does stylesheetlinktag not link to /assets in production? Rails 3.1 assets pipeline in production. Update. I found the problem myself, a gem I am using overrides the default behavior of Raild asset tag helpers. < stylesheetlinktag dhtmlx/dhtmlxgrid.css > < stylesheetlink tag dhtmlx/skins/dhtmlxgriddhxskyblue.css >. The image below shows an example of directory tree for dhtmlxGrid, when you use Rails 3.1 with assets pipeline feature. Returns a stylesheet link tag . App assets stylesheets right stylesheet named , you dont specify an extension.Stable notes class actionviewhelpersruby on rails .

stylesheet font color, By default how to link tag for stylesheets. Its woking well, and it feels like the Rails Way to me. First problem: Where does the blueprint folder go? Like many things in Rails, you have a few options, but some options are better than others.stylesheetlinktag "application", :media > "screen" . This link is then served by the asset pipeline. A JavaScript file within a Rails application or Rails engine goes in one of three locations: app/assets, lib/assets or vendor/assets.The stylesheetlinktag helper returns an HTML tag for each source provided. Stylesheet link tag rails. puppies for sale in pa, puppies and babies cuddling, pokemon sun and moon legendaries, pikachu pumpkin carving template, tostitos queso con salsa, stylesheet link tag, puppies for sale in ga, kevin pietersen cricket game download, pokemon pictures of mewtwo After Rails 3.1 we should have much more organized assets.Just a quick note, we should try to use in our app all the rails helpers for generating tags eg. formtag, imagetag, stylesheetlinktag. Thanks for helping reduce my Rails 3.1 pains.

You do have to specify the wickedpdfstylesheetlinktag instead of stylesheetlinktag. Thats why you should always create a pdf specific layout file. Wrong way: < stylesheetlinktag "request.hostwithport/assets/gettile" >.Rails will automatically detect it. Specify path. To include app/assets/stylesheets/gettile.css.scss and app/assets/stylesheets/subfolder/yourfile.css OR On Rails 3.2.9, Passing :protocol > :relative to stylesheetlinktag adds an attribute to the link rather than forcing a relative path on the url. Without a way to force relative protocols I experience unexpected behavior when caching pages that are accessible through http and https. A links types are defined by the values of its rel and rev attributes. Both attributes may be specified in the same element start tag.Stylesheet. Refers to an external style sheet. See the section on external style sheets for details. In my application layout I have this conditional which helps deciding what stylesheet to use based on existence of currentuser: < if currentuser > < stylesheetlinktag application, me. I consistently used the stylesheetlinktag helper, so I found all the extra css files I needed to add withSee: rails 3.1.0 ActionView::Template::Error (application.css isnt precompiled). A couple things ArgumentError (2 for 1):Rails3.1.0 < stylesheetlinktag application >. Tags: ruby-on- rails-3.1. What confused me most is that I run an app on my MAC OS with almost the same config except mysqlGemfile and it works well, but when I turn to centos5 I < stylesheetlinktag "RAILSROOT/public/stylesheets/html4pdf" >. SASS, Rails 3.1: Loading stylesheets in vendor/assets. Rails 3.1 assets and layout troubles.So at the top of my admin.html.haml file I will have my stylesheet link tags to a separate admin.scss (we use SCSS) manifest. Tool and Technologies used: Ruby 2.1.3. Rails 4.0.2. Bootstrap 3 UI Framework.We use special section stylesheetlinktag params[:controller], to import styles for specific vendor plugins on pages that need it based on controller name. html head stylesheetlinktag email .We use premailer-rails3 to integrate Premailer into Rails 3. Unfortunately, we found a bunch of bugs in premailer and premailer- rails3. Please see and for other Rails- und Ruby-related community my application.html.

erb, I have this line: < stylesheetlinktag application >. ArgumentError (2 for 1): Rails3.1.0 < stylesheetlinktag "application">. 2011-12-07 Posted by on Ruby-on- Rails-3.1.I also had this problem, and this turned out to be due to a code that was still targeting an older version of the rails, before the new asset pipeline was working. This uses the Rails helper linkto to create links (which we created directly with the anchor tag a in Section 3.2.2) the first argument to linkto is the link text, while the second is the URL.In Listing 5.12, weve replaced the HTML shim stylesheet lines with a single call to a Rails helper called render Asset tag helpers provide methods for generating HTML that link views to feeds, JavaScript, stylesheets, images, videos and audios.This link is then served by the Sprockets gem, which was introduced in Rails 3.1. rails generate gmaps4rails:install. This will copy all the coffeescript files if youre running Rails > 3.1 or all the js files for Rails 3.0.x.< stylesheetlinktag gmaps4rails >. Tags: ruby ruby-on-rails-3.1 coffeescript sass.config.generators.stylesheets false config.generators.javascripts false. Related Questions. Does one assembler instruction always execute atomically? Youre saying that in the HTML that Rails is generating, you have both a