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Strawberry JELL-O Poke Cake. posted on July 4, 2013 by aimee shugarysweets 35 comments ».I love an easy dessert that tastes awesome. This cake fits the bill!I have tried the sweetier version of poke cakes but I have feeling I will like the Jello version more. Strawberry Poke Cake. This cake was invented in 1969 to increase Jell-O sales.Dear Home Cook, If we were new to CooksCountry.com, we might think, Its easy to get free recipes on the Internet. What makes your recipes different? If you love strawberry desserts like a strawberry pie jello recipe or plump, juicy strawberries with ice cream, you are going to love strawberry poke cake.Easy Dessert Recipes With Few Ingredients. Make scrumptious JELL-O Strawberry Poke Cake for a sweet treat! Just add some whipped topping on top of the strawberry poke cake, and its ready to serve.Enjoy a serving of this easy-to-make poke cake on occasion, but keep portion size in mind. Poke cakes seem to have taken Pinterest by storm, so I decided to make a Strawberry Jello Poke Cake.In this case, I used strawberry jello — and Im convinced Ive made one of the easiest, moistest, and most delicious poke cokes around. Poke cake rocks! Super easy, and so awesome looking!Have been making strawberry Jello "poke" cake since back in the day that they had "1,2,3 Jello" anyone remember that? Strawberry Poke Cake. Poke cakes are very easy to make.Strawberry season is here! What better way to use strawberries than a Strawberry Poke Cake. Traditionally, poke cakes start with a cake then little holes are poked into the top and filled with strawberry jello.

Strawberry Jello Poke Cake. February 10, 2016 by Holly | 29 Comments.This cake is not rich by any means so it is easy to devour and go for seconds! (If thats a bad thing, I guess.) . Jello Pudding Poke Cake Recipes.Duncan Hines Strawberry Poke Cake. Poke Cake With Dream Whip. Easy Pudding Poke Cake Recipe. Servings 24. These boozy strawberry jello poke cupcakes are the perfect easy treat for a bridal shower or potluck! MORE LESSPink Champagne Buttercream Cake. Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies. Strawberry Surprise Cake. Try These Next. Strawberries and Cream Loaf Cake. This is a super easy Strawberry Angel Food Poke Cake recipe that needs just 4 ingredients, about 10 minutes of prep time.Store bought angel food cake (of make one if you have time!) Box of Strawberry Jello. 1 c strawberries, quarted.

Love this cake, so moist and easy to make. Note: You can use any flavor jello if you make this as 1 box of strawberry jello (regular or sugar free) using 1/2 cup less water. 1 - 8oz thawed containerUsing a wooden skewer poke approx 40 holes throughout entire cake with a tablespoon pour into View 21 Best strawberry jello poke cake images.Jello Pudding Poke Cakes. Source Abuse Report. Easy Strawberry Poke Cake. With the 4th of July this week, I thought I would share with you a recipe that is popular with my inlaws. Not only does it look festive for the holiday, but it is SO EASY to make. I have seen the recipe here and there all over the blogging world, but I first tasted it when I married into my husbands family. This Strawberry JELLO Poke Cake recipe is one of those retro recipes that will never go out of style. Fun to make and impressive to serve for any occasion.25 Easy Poke Cake Recipes - Penney Lane Kitchen says Poke around in your pantry and fridge and youll probably find most, if not all, of the ingredients for this easy cake.Ingredients. 1 box White Cake Mix. 1 cup boiling Water. 1 pkg Strawberry Jello. Strawberry Jell-O Poke Cake. This is the ultimate summer cake!No bake perfection :) Yield: 15. Ingredients. 3 oz. strawberry flavored Jell-O. 1 cup boiling water.Yummy - Healthy- Easy. 25 Fourth of July Recipes. STRAWBERRY JELLO POKE CAKE - Poke cakes are always a huge hit at parties and potlucks.Squale G. May 27, 2017 . Check out this easy recipe for my Strawberry Jello Poke Cake!!! This Strawberry Vanilla Poke Cake is fun and flavorful, but its super easy, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan!For this recipe I used: Vivians Live Again Whipped Topping GF Betty Crocker Yellow Cake Mix OR Homemade White Cake Strawberry Vegan Jello Ener-G Egg Replacer Valentines Sprinkles. "Strawberry Jello Poke Cake This recipe is easy, fast, beautiful and SO yummy". Next. Strawberry Jello Poke Cake--an easy poke cake that starts wi Youll also love my Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry CreaStrawberry soda jello cake recipe Strawberry Jell-O Poke Cupcakes recipe from The Country Cook A recipe for strawberry cake made with Jello.Strawberry Jell-O Poke Cake is a dessert my mom use to make when we were kids. My brothers and I loved it! Its such a light and refreshing cake and easy too since its made from a boxed cake mix. Strawberry Jello Cake. Let me show you how easy it is to make this cake! Ingredients NeededPrepare and bake the cake according to the package directions. Poke the cake all over with a fork. You can also use a straw or end of wooden spoon. Strawberry jello poke cake with Cool Whip topping.Strawberry Cake With Cake Mix Recipes. Easy Strawberry Trifle. AllRecipes. strawberries, cool whip, cold water, strawberries, boiling water and 2 more. Easy Strawberry Poke Cake. Feb 25, 2018. Print Recipe Jump to Recipe.Poke cake is a cake you poke holes into after baking. Then a liquid such as jello or fruit pure is poured over the top to infuse added color and flavor to each bite. Strawberry Jell-O Poke Cupcakes recipe from The Country Cook. Can be made into a 9 x 13 cake too! So good!Strawberry Jello Poke Cake This recipe is easy, fast, beautiful and SO yummy! Red White Blue Poke cake! Perfect for 4th of July, this cake is easy to make and always moist delicious! Orange Creamsicle Poke Cake - a moist, from-scratch vanilla cake soaked with orange JELLO and topped with whipped cream! Lemon Strawberry Poke Cake This Strawberry Jello Poke Cake is made with light and airy angel food cake, white chocolate pudding frosting, and plenty of fresh berries!Oreo Brownie Trifle. Pin It. Easy Chocolate Eclair Cake. This delicious poke cake is easy and fun to make! You can experiment with different flavors by using different Jell-O and frosting combinations.1 3oz. package strawberry Jell-O, cooked according to package. Strawberry Vanilla Poke Cake Quick Easy, But Impressive for Guests!Prepare Jell-O with 1 c. boiling water and 1/2 c. cold water. Mix together until jello mix is dissolved. Pour over the cake. Strawberry Poke Cake: Moist white cake bursting with strawberries and topped with whipped cream. All the flavors of strawberry cheesecake in an easy to make sheet cake!3 comments on Strawberry Poke Cake. Pingback: DIY Jello Cake Ideas DIY Ready. Ive been looking for an easy poke cake recipe, so Im glad I came across your page! Thanks for sharing! Becca Lynn recently posted Easy Jersey Scarf.[] Strawberry Jello Poke Cake from Seasoned Mom [] Easy Strawberry Poke Cake. Posted on March 14, 2014April 7, 2017 by Christin Mahrlig.I am new to cooking baking my question is I just took the cake out of the oven and made the jello and added a little pureed strawberries with the juice to the jello and poured it over the cake, was I suppose to Strawberry Jell-O Poke Cake. posted by Ashton June 26, 2017. This is the ultimate summer cake!But did you know how crazy-stupid EASY this cake is to make?? Start with a cake mix. YES. Strawberry Shortcake Poke Cake. Cakes Cupcakes Desserts Recipes October 3, 2017.It had a moist and cool cake layer filled with Jell-o. It was topped off with a delicious cream cheese cool whip frosting with fresh strawberries on top. Strawberry Jello Poke Cake This recipe is easy, fast, beautiful and SO yummy! My very favorite cake ever! Except I use yellow cake!Strawberry Jell-O Poke Cake Recipe Is a Delicious Blast From the Past. The good news is that there are easy and delicious recipe options like this Strawberry Jello Poke Cake Recipe, that anyone can make. Poke Cakes are so easy to make and are a hit for any occasion! Strawberry Poke Cake Dessert. Jun 6 by Michelle. Make this yummy chilled dessert for a summer party! If you like really moist cake, you can add an extra half box of jelloI think I will do that next time . Strawberry Poke Cake. This post may contain affiliate links.If youve never made a poke cake, you must try it! Not only are they super easy to make, but they are always incredibly moist and delicious!Get Weekly Recipes: You May Also Like Berry Fluff Jello Salad. Peanut Butter Lasagna (Video). Strawberry Jello Poke Cake This recipe is easy, fast, beautiful and SO yummy. chef-in-training.com.Strawberry Jello Poke Cake--an incredibly moist and easy-to-make poke. This Strawberry Poke Cake makes for a perfect summer dessert. Like a traditional poke, this one is poked with Jell-O. I kicked it up a bit and added in some fresh strawberries, additional Jell-o, and then topped with a layer of Cool-Whip.My easy go to dessert is always a poke cake. Poke cake every inch with handle of wooden spoon or tines of meat fork halfway into cake. Carefully pour strawberry gelatin evenly over top of cake.We Also Love. Easy Whiskey-Vanilla Poke Cakes. Ultimate "24-Carat" Cake. Raspberry Lime Poke Cake. Using a fork, poke holes into cake. Pour jello evenly over the top of cake. Cover cake and place in fridge for 3 hours.Strawberry Pie Bars. This is my favorite ham beans recipe. It is easy and fast. ITALIAN BAKE. Fried Chicken Recipe. This is a Jell-O poke cake. I have been making these cakes for years. They are so easy and delicious.My mother makes jello cakes with this cake recipe but she uses different flavors of jello rather than just strawberry every time and then she tops it off with a pudding/cool whip icing (made Strawberry Jell-o Cake Jell-o Cake. Its as easy as it sounds. This is a great way to turn a store bought boxed cake mix into something spectacular and the possibilities are almost endless.I havent made a jello/poke cake in a long time, and you certainly renewed my interest with this beautiful hub. Easy strawberry jello poke cake made with white cake mix, strawberry gelatin, and topped with whipped topping fresh strawberries!This cake can easily be turned into a different flavor, such as an Orange Jello Cake, or a Hawaiian Poke Cake. Make and share this Strawberry Jell-O Poke Cake recipe from Genius Kitchen.Directions. Prepare cake mix according to instructions on box for a 13x9-inch cake. As soon as cake comes out of the oven, poke holes in it with a fork. Bake / Cook with me as I make this Pinterest Inspired Strawberry Jello Poke Cake Recipe!1. Bake Cake according to instructions 2. Allow cake to fully cool 3. Poke holes throughout cake using a fork 4. Make Jello according to instructions 5. Pour jello all over the cake IMMEDIATELY after making (the Carrot Cake Poke Cake.Strawberry Jello Cake is very light, fluffy, not too sweet and its so easy to assemble. It may sounds so bold, but this Strawberry Jello Cake is one of the prettiest cake Ive ever made. Taste of home Weeknight Dinners. Quick easy homemade meals that are perfect anytime!"I love making poke cakes. This version is one of my favorites, tastes just like strawberry shortcake.

I also make a version using lemon cake mix and raspberry jello."

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