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Browse through and read thousands of kpop leo vixx fanfiction stories and books.I love making these kind of stories A girl named, Han sang mi, who is 17 years old( born 1999 Korean age). Her older brother is the maknae of the ultimate boy group, Vixx. Lets Be Together (Vixx Leo One Shot). Hillary Completed Romance May 17, 2015.Vampire Vixx is a fanfic for a fellow starlight and its dedicated all to her because she loves them so much. Rating: NC-17. Focus: Kyungsoo/Chanyeol (chansoo). Length: 3500 words.Summary: Summary of your fanfic. At least one line! Warning/s: Even though many people dont like reading "spoilers", its important to warn about the content of your fanfiction. Fanfics Masterlist - . Mokos fictions.Mama Boy (Ohmiya) Fishes wont wait for me (Ohmiya - nc-17) Piano lesson (Yama - NC-17) Ninomiya KazuNari (Ohmiya). Mini-series Featuring: Leo (VIXX) x Reader. POV: 2nd.

Rating: NC-17. A little Dom!Leo. Summary: Youre supposed to be making Christmas cookies, but Leo is easily distracted. by : Sandra Her on : 17.05.2016.True Love (VIXX Leo Fanfic).Puede que todo se haya cumplido [VIXX]Fanfiction Trailer. 0 01:14. Your fic can be rated anything from G to NC-17 as long as it is tagged appropriately. .jung taekwoon vixx vixx au vixx fanfic vixx fantasy taekwoon leo vixx leo leo au.

VIXX: Feature Drabbles: - Knockout , Ravi/fem!Hyuk, PG, NHyuk sisters AU, 1300w Hakyeon unnie disapproves of Sanghas crush.-Worth A Thousand Words, Leo/Ken, NC-17, 2200w Body art/writing kink and object play. 17 | Return from the story [Hiatus] Married to Leo [Vixx Fanfic]Re-editing by Msloney (ChaeLyn Nana) with 225 reads. marriage, romance, vixxLim Seul Mi, a muted girl whos married to an idol from Vixx. Sure she has the look and even the style, but as for Leo, her spouse, he does not like her 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.Beruthielscat and I have been working on finishing up Can Barely Hide and weve also started a new fanfic, Blood Bond. It can be read at the above link. Home. News. Mirandy Fanfiction Nc 17. Mirandy Fanfiction Nc 17. Loading Rating:NC-17 A JAG officer is attacted, raped and left for dead. Read at your own risk. Unfortunately, Jag Fanfiction Nc 17 Under The Covers? - Crowdsourced Questions Answers at Okela JAG Fanfic : Welcome to my JAG fanfiction page. Swimming Pool Fences (17). Pool Sports Games (16).[Neo FanFic] You Hate Me, I Love You - VIXX LeoN Trailler - Dure : 2:08. leia/xizor fan fic (nc-17). Показаны сообщения 114 из 14.Who wrote that disgusting fanfic, not the IST3K? [IST3K] Re: leia/xizor fan fic (nc-17). LT.Hit-Man. Freshly updated on 10-8-17. new stories since last update/reblog of the Master List.SILVER SPOON [COMPLETED] (Yoongi x Reader ft Jimin VIXXs Leo as side characters) [Office Au Rom-com, Fluff] 14 January 2009 07:57 pm. Fanfic Series. Okay so since the list got a wee-bit too big, Im splitting everything up.-Ill be there with you (PG13/NC17) (Yoosu) ---If your love was sent far away, would you go after it? Chapters: 17/? CommentsThis is a Vixx Drabbles prompt fic that I will be fulfilling. You guys are free to message me any prompts, ideas, scenarios etc on my AFF account (Taekoppa is my username there as well) or on my tumblr: zanachan, of Vixx you want a drabble from. [VIXX FANFIC] Ten October Drabbles by hyukbins | AFF To anyone whos still around, heres a little something for October 2015. VIXX [PROJECT] Message Book for LEO (via MeltingVoice). jump right in. drabble nc-17.jealousy n/leo/ken. VIXX Bakery!AU Untitled leo centric. TO READ. youll grow into it. nov 28 2015 jan 17 2016 . VIXX Mega fanfic rec. (sexual R to NC-17 fics in italics but im not tagging body horror, gore, suicide, etc tho so just read the authors notes if you need warnings).CATBOY HYUK leo. gothslut leo lmfao. leobin making out. Fiar22/Leottokajis fic rec list VIXX Dark Room (KenBin) R - I was depressed for like a week after reading this fic it was so good.Its Time (Neo) NC-17 - Leo and Hakyeon on a soccer team together. Title: Never Again Pairing: Eunhae Genre: Angst Rating: NC-17 (drugs, swearing, smut) Summary: No matter how much of a mistake Hyukjae is in Donghaes life, Donghae cant let go of the only person who makes him feel worthwhile. vixx fanfic leo hurt. vixx fanfiction leo sick. Vixx Fanfics.

vixxbigbangmonstaxHISTORYikon INFIRESME! 27 videos.VIXX Leo : Try not to fangirl/fanboy Challenge. by VIXX ChocoLatte120524. Fanfiction Book Fan Girl Kpop Groups Fandoms Ships King Prince Kdrama.Vixx Ken Vixx Hongbin K Pop Korean Wave Korean Music Leo Lovely Things Boy Boy Camera. Affiliate: VIXX-6 [vixx fanworks]. 2014 Valentines Fanfic Exchange.Title: Promise Me (Youll Live Forever) Recipient: everyone Pairing: OT6, Leo/Ken, Leo/N, Leo/Hyuk, Ravi/Hongbin Rating: NC-17 Wordcount: 6.1k Warnings: Vampires, blood, sex, Sixsome (Sort of), unprotected sex, flashback style leobin vixx leo hongbin fanfiction nc17 full IM Disgusting WHY IS This MY Kink qq.HyuKen (Keo, KenVi) ABO-verse this part: 1700 words, NC17, ft. Keo warnings: incestual themes. There are some mothers who dote on their children to an unnecessary degree. Welcome to Kpop Fanfic Directory, where the main goal is to compile a list of kpop fanfic blogs to satisfy your fanfic needs!Vixx. bubbleddww (Bias/You, Bias/OC, scenarios, songfics, drabbles, ficrecs, G- NC17). VIXXs Leo kissing scenes in musical Mata Hari.Im dead. Again :sweatsmile: :scream: :twohearts: Im usually not into fanfic but damn girl ur good at writing :clap: :clap: :clap: :sparklingheart A blog with recommendations for VIXX fanfics on Asianfanfics.Title: Distractions Author: bioward Pairing: N x Leo Rating: NC-17 Genre: Smut Summary: Hakyeon takes pride in his ability to make Taekwoons head spin. Undo. Vixx Fanart vixxleo86 20 Feb 2016. More. Copy link to Tweet.Leo: look at N then smile N: w-what, N look at Leo too then blushpic.twitter.com/QTfP4OYKme. 0 replies 3 retweets 7 likes. Reply. I read Fic like its my job. Sad but true. So in order to both spred the joy of these amazing fics and keep my favorites from destruction, Im gonna share them all here!Title: Ill Be Your Daydream, Ill Wear Your Favorite Things Author: inkin-brushed Pairing: Hyuk/ Leo Rating: NC-17 Words: 4,316. Title: pour yourself over me Fandom: VIXX (AU, !fucktoy) Pairing: Ken/Leo, implied Ravi/Hongbin Word count: 3,208 Rating: NC-17 Summary: Jaehwan turned and suddenly found himself looking up into Leos stony face. [VIXX N/Leo] Let them be.Title: Hunted Fandom: BigBang Pairing: Todae, gri Rating: NC-17/R Genre: Romance, Violence, Hurt/comfort, Friendship Summary: Im guessing that everybody dreamt of being a supernatural being when they were kids. Fic recs In order of ships (fair warning that i basically only read leo/ vixx) neo sweet - g, cute and cuddly my heads underwater (but Im breathing fine) - nc17, vampire au morning light - nc17 Title: Vibrator Pairing: Homin Rating: NC-17 Summary: Yunho walks in on Changmin playing with a vibrator Warnings: BoyxBoy Smut A/N: Dedicated to my lovely muse asiotus .K-pop fanfics. Show off your talent. VIXX Leo (Multi-Personality Compilation) - Продолжительность: 15:45 Mellow B. RIP Jonghyun 181 291 просмотр.17 - Продолжительность: 17:08 VIXX Starlight 208 291 просмотр. I need to make a better list because Im having issues keeping up with all the VIXX fic Ive read. My favorites will be red . Stuff that makes me hurt but is still beautifully written isthe coffee machine (part 2) Rating: PG-13 Notes: LEO IS A COFFEE MACHINE. imprinted Rating: NC-17 Notes: YYYEEESSS. Good Girl Jung Taekwoon (Leo)/Kim Wonsik (Ravi) VIXX PWP NC-17 When Taekwoons fantasies get very specific, hes extremely grateful that Wonsik is pretty much an omnivore as far as sex goes. NC-17 - banghimdae Cheesecake oneshot: NC-17 - himdae. Youth, its Lovely bap/myname drabble: G - junhong/chaejin. vixx Ill help drabble: NC-17 - n/hyuk. Im Starlight. My Bias are Leo, Ken, N, Ravi, Hongbin, and Hyuk. Gender R.R. is Secret. Boy or Girl? Hm, itu tak penting. So, sebenar nya saya mempunyai akun lama di FFN ini. Masih aktif, namun saya khusus kan akun ini untuk FanFic VIXX. Enjoy for my Fic You are trying to access: wontaek (Leo/Ravi, AU, NC-17). vixx drabbles. Author(s)birman.22 [M] ot6 (Vixx, AU, NC-17, pwp. 23 leobin (Leo/Hongbin, G). 24 chabean (N/Hongbin, AU, P. 2016/07/06 Read Chapter 3 from the story The Runner (A Leo Vixx fanfic) by luhanope (KC) with 359 reads. vixx, leo, cute. The next day at school, Leo wore his hair down2014/06/17 Song: VOODOO by VIXX Story: A Growing Obsession by KeyChunDae http Title: fantasy (courtesy of me) Fandom: VIXX Pairing: Leo/N Word Count: 3,189 Rating: NC-17 Summary: Hakyeon made a face in the mirror, using his pinky to wipe off some errant gloss, and then turned to flounce over to the couch, his small heels clicking against the linoleum floor. Berikut hasil pencarian mp3 Vixx Neo Fanfic Nc 17 pada blog Download Lagu Lamo.Download. [opv] Vixx Ken N Just A Copy I Am (with Eng Trans) Minnie Won. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. ROVIX: CALLING FOR RAHYUK AND HYUKEN FICS | Tags: review recommendations leo vixx hakyeon ken hongbin.(Keo) Art of loneliness b 16 (LeoxVIXX) Only In My Sle 17 (Kenbin) Attached at the 18 (Wontaek)"of VIXX Stories Rec/Collection"? Please recommend VIXX-centric fanfics. Rating/Warnings: Yaoi/homosexuality/slash, NC17, lemon/explicit sex, sexual situations, m/m, consensual, WAFF/fluff, slight PWP. Summary: They did everything they werent supposed to do, as long as they could get away with it without being caught. Selamat datang di event pertama dari VIXX Fanfiction. Event ini diselenggarakan untuk memperingati anniversary VIXX yang ke-4 pada tanggal 24 Mei 2016 mendatang.Leo or Jung Taekwoon (VIXX) Kim Taehyung as V or Jung Taehyung . Park Jiyeon (T-ARA). VIXX consists of 6 members: N, Leo, Ravi, Ken, Hongbin, and Hyuk.title: stop the world (i wanna get off) pairing: taekwoon/sanghyuk rating: nc-17 word count: 2,250 summary: its the premiere of sanghyuks next big film and taekwoon is sour about the proximity of his co-stars.

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