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Check PNR status online for train reservation with Indian Railways IRCTC, Enter your PNR number and get train ticket reservation status for train tickets.What is PNR status? PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. Indian Railway PNR Status. Want to know what is PNR no? PNR is abbreviated as Passenger Name Record.If you get a confirmed reserved ticket there is no need to check PNR status live. Sometimes our ticket may not be confirmed and will be in waitlist. Check PNR status prediction for waiting list tickets, train seat availability, live train statusDownload Trainman app - Highest rated PNR status and Train Info App for Indian Railways.After doing railway reservation on IRCTC, passengers may want to predict the final PNR status for railways PNR (Passenger Name Record) number is an unique ten digit number, that is provided against every booked train ticket. Whether you are booking the ticket online or physically (through the railway station ticket counters), the ticket will certainly have aHow often should I check for PNR Status Updates ? What is PNR status? PNR imply passenger name record its 10 Digit Unique Amount generated if a passenger book a train ticket via Online or Offline. Its database listing of passenger traveling on Indian Railways. IRCTC PNR Status. PNR is short name for Passenger Name Record.Indian railway carries aIn case, if you are looking to know the status of live train, then there is a procedure for the same here.Passengers can check PNR status of their paper tickets, e-tickets, and tickets booked with mobile Check PNR status of IRCTC Indian railway. You can check your PNR status ( Passenger Reservation Enquiry) of Indian Railways train tickets and IRCTC booking online easily. Indian Railway PNR Status is maintained This PNR Number is the record of Passengers.

The PNR Status is also includes the ticket has been confirmed, it is on waiting list (WL) or it is under reservation against cancellation (RAC). Check PNR Status of Indian Railway train tickets online. Get Live IRCTC train PNR Status enquiry with PNR Predictor on - travel Meta search engine.What is Train PNR. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. Thinking why it is vital and so much crucial to check pnr status?PNR term plays an important role in Indian Railways and it stays and needed with the passenger all the time, at the time of booking and while travelling in the train and even is required if you need to place an order for PNR stands for "Passenger Name Record." A PNR status gives you the status of your train booking at any given time.PNR Status on your mobile. For getting the Indian Railway PNR status, SMS PNR <10 digit PNR No> to 139. Check Railway PNR status online on Cleartrip. Know about the PNR in detail and check the FAQs for any of your query related to PNR status.

Recently checked PNRs (Click on a PNR number below to check updated status). Indian Railway PNR Simplified. Toggle navigation. Indian Railways Enquiry. Enter the PNR for your booking below to get the current status. You will find it on the top left corner of the ticket. Check Live PNR Status To Know Your Indian Railway Reservation Ticket , IRCTC PNR Status live Can Be Checked By Entering The 10 Digit Passenger Name Record.This number issued by the Indian Railway to the passenger who is going to travel India. Pnr status indian railways, pnr status is your source for indian railway reservation enquiry check pnr status by just entering your 10-digit passenger name record number. Check pnr status and prediction online of your indian PNR Status of IRCTC Indian Railways Train tickets can be checked on ConfirmTkt using your PNR number. Enter your 10 digit PNR number and click button "Check PNR Status".PNR is short name for Passenger Name Record. Check here Indian Railways PNR Status.One PNR can accommodate not more than six passengers.You can also check the PNR status just visiting the official website of the: Physically Handicapped Quota. PNR. Passenger Name Record. WL. Waiting List.Now the question arise here that how this pnr number used to check current status of railway ticket like seats are confirmed or not. Plan your trip on Indian Railways Trains, Check Availability, Seats Availability, Reservation, Enquiry, PNR, Passenger Status. Here in this Tutorial, you Check your IRCTC PNR status with train enquiry service, Register or Enter your PNR number and get an update of your Indian Railway PNR status.PNR Status Meaning. CAN. Cancelled - the passenger seat has been cancelled. - Includes Indian Rail Passenger and Express trains - Northern Railway, Eastern Railway, Western Railway, Southern Railway, KonkanRailway app for IRCTC Info, Train IRCTC PNR Status, Book Tickets and Fare Enquiry. Check Train Live Status, Station Station, Platform Locator, Meal Charges. Train Live Status.Online PNR Status : You can try Indian Railways or Check PNR Status IRCTC.What is PNR STATUS? PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It is the unique < 10 Digit > number linked to each railway booking / train ticket done either online or offline. Check Save Your PNR Status from Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry.This PNR number is used to maintain the record of Passengers.PNR Status Live 2018 All Rights Reserved.Indian Railway PNR Status - irctc PNR Status, Indian railway PNR Status enquiry for this PNR status Enter the PNR number for your booking Number to get the current status of Passenger Name Records. Check PNR Status Check your Indian Railway ticket Online Mobile-friendly Website version - its conveniently Free Fast Online. PNR Statusenquiry on any device You can get all the answers no matter where you are Only useful results. Indian railway pnr status. PNR Status of your railway ticket can easily be checked here. It is best website for Indian Railways and IRCTC PNR status enquiry.Category. PNR. Passenger Name Record. Indian Railways. WL. PNR Status - Indian Railways — INDIAN RAILWAYS PASSENGER RESERVATION ENQUIRY.PNR Status Live, PNR Enquiry Online, Indian Railway PNR - eRailin — Check your IRCTC PNR status with train enquiry service, Register or Enter your PNR number and get an update of Passenger Name Record commonly known as PNR Status is a record maintained by Indian Railway in the form of database. This informative database of passengers is maintained and cared by computer reservation system also known as CSR. PNR or PNR Number is stands for "Passenger Name Record".We are just getting the PNR status from third parties and providing the status of your PNR to you in a smarter way so that you will find it easy to check your train ticket confirmation status or indian railway pnr status check with Check IRCTC PNR Status of Indian Railways on along with the PNR Status Live you get instant PNR Prediction, you can also post your Train PNR Status to get the PNR Prediction done by the fellow passengers and Train Enquiry. To Check PNR status of Indian Railways train tickets.Check Train Live PNR Status.The Indian Railways passenger name record, also known as PNR, is a number that gives a variety of travel information to ticket-holders. PNR Status of your railway ticket can easily be checked here. It is best website for Indian Railways and IRCTC PNR status enquiry.Live PNR Statusenables passengers to make important changes in their journey schedule by switching over to other options available. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record.2.3 3. PNR Status Live Check Using mobile app: Purpose for checking PNR Status: Talking about the Indian railway system, here waiting list count much number than the reserved or confirmed tickets. PNR number means Passenger Name Record number. PNR Status of Indian Railways is the Booking Status of your Train tickets. Whether the ticket is booked online or through Railway Counter, there is a unique 10 digit number called PNR number in it. Check the PNR status of your railway ticket quickly and easily. Best website for Indian Railways and IRCTC PNR status enquiry.These details are associated with a unique reference number called the Passenger Name Record or PNR. Indian Railway PNR Status NTES IRCTC Login Train Tickets NTES Live Status Railway Games SeatPNR (Passenger Name Record) is a 10 digit number which has a unique identification number provided toSo finally you get to know how to check PNR Status Indian Railway IRCTC through Official Railway Websites. IRCTC (Online Ticket Booking).

Indian Rail Enquiry / Train Running Status.Search Trains Between Stations Train Sorting and Filtering Get or Calculate Fare for Train Check Seat Availability in Trains Check PNR Status Get Train Schedule/Route Get Train Route Map Indian Railway PNR Status Live:- Just booked a Railway ticket through offline or On-line mode and want to Check Your Passenger Name Record (PNR) Status of Your Rail Ticket. As, from PNR Status you can check is your ticket is confirmed or still in waiting List. Indianrailway Time to time improving Check IRCTC/Railway PNR Status online!Current Status Coach No/Berth No. Passenger.Indian rail pnr status. Imagine you are preparing for your much planned and long awaited holiday.Just enter your PNR number and find out the live train status of your ticket confirmation. Indian Rail PNR Status. When you book ticket with indian railways , they provide you paper ticket or e-ticket on that ticket 10 digit PRN Number is mentioned on top left side of ticket provided by Indian Railways . This PNR number is used to maintain the record of Passengers. PNR Status Check Made Easy - Indian Railway PNR Status.The airline Passenger Name Record (PNR) is generated by the airlines for journey booked by passenger. This PNR number gets stored in the reservation and departure control databases of airlines. PNR status is a Passenger Name Record status. This is used for passenger to check railway reservation confirmed or not. It is used to know seat confirmation in train, train details, passenger details etc. Live Station Status. Cancelled Trains.Know More about IRCTC PNR Status. PNR stands for "Passenger Name Record".Below is the official Indian Railway site to check PNR status. Check your Indian railways train PNR Status online on your mobile or desktop with RailRider. A passenger needs to enter their 10 digit number of PNR and they will get the regular or live updates on their registered mobile number. Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a unique number that identifies your booking, which is issued by Indian Railway for passengers.Enter the 10-digit PNR (Passenger Name Record) number and click on the Get My Status button. PNR Enquiry - Get PNR status checked at Visit us to check PNR status of Indian Railways tickets.IRCTC Train Ticket PNR Status Enquiry. Passenger Name Record (PNR) number. Indian Railways PNR Status. What is PNR?It is a record in the database of Indian Railways Computer Reservation System (IR-CRS) against journey details for a passenger or a group of passengers are saved. PNR Status Indian Railway Passenger Reservation System.PNR Means Passenger Name Record. This is a sort of id number on your ticket and this helps us knowing the latest status of flight. Find Passenger current status or PNR status of any customer using PNR search. Enter your 10digit PNR number find its status.IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) allow Passenger to check there PNR status using mobile phone through Sms . pnr number on Indian Railways ticket. PNR stands for passenger name record and it tells you your current status on the WL (waitlist) or RAC (reservation against cancellation queue).

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