javascript splice array into array





Thus I can insert items into an array using splice. But how do I insert an entire array? For exampleArray function SPLICE doesnt work with Select->OPTIONS array. JavaScript. bug in " splice" using IE6?? The JavaScript splice method can be used for copying an array. Note, it will work as a proper copying tool only if the array items are primitive data types. If the array items are Objects, they will be passed by reference and not by value. arraysplice, split an array into 2 arrays. The returned arrays is the 2nd argument actually and the used array e.g input here contains the 1st argument of array, e.g. splice Method (Array) (JavaScript). Removes elements from an array and, if necessary, inserts new elements in their place, returning the deleted elements.Elements to insert into the array in place of the deleted elements. Questions: Answers: Wrap that into a function and you get this: function insertArrayAt( array, index, arrayToInsert) Array.prototype.splice.apply(array, [index, 0].concat(arrayToInsert))Tags: java, javascript. Returns -- If any elements are deleted from the array, they are returned from the method as an array. The splice() method can either add elements to or delete elements from an array.