child div full width of page





If your DIV is set to "display: block" (the default) it will automatically extend to the full width of its containing element. Thus, all you should need to do is make the DIV a top level element within the page BODY and it will automatically expand to whatever size the body is. I want to have a child div expand to overlap the div next to it. It is for a calendar so that all day events that stretch for multiple days can stretch over and cover multiple days. In IE6, the child div expands the width of the parent div and wrecks my display. I mean child1.width() child2.width() child3.width() etc off course as a new child can be added anytime I can not use the kind of things I put above. I tried that among other things : (" div.mydiv").children().width() But I only get the width ofthe first child. Im trying to span a child div the full width of the page from within a fixed width container parent div. Ive found a few posts on how to do this but nothing seems to work for me. I am trying to force a div to full window width despite of its parent(s) width.How do I expand the width of the child div regardless of the width of the parent elements?body background:fff position:relative .page width:70 margin:100px auto background:eee border:1px solid ddd The issue is: how do we make a full-browser-width container when were inside a limited- width parent?Heres an additional tip: if you want to have content inside any full- width element, you can apply your main wrapper properties to all child elements of any . full-width element like this The original CSS use fixed width on parent/child 1/child 2.