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Unlike many Books for kids who like Harry Potter book lists, I am not exclusively recommending fantasy titles.A magical, marvelous, intricate, mysterious and stunning middle grade book for Harry Potter fans.(and good for read alouds, too). New to Twitter? Sign up. Harry Potter Fans.You know, when I said I wanted the real world to be more like Harry Potter I just meant the teleportation and the magic stuff, not the entire plot of book 5 where the government refuses to do anything about a deadly threat so the teenagers have to rise up Harry Potter fans will love this booklist. Includes both stand-alone books and book series.By providing my email address I am acknowledging that I would like to receive the Parent Update and offers from Scholastic and carefully selected third parties. I am the very model of a major Harry Potter fan. Ive information Potterish from Privet Drive to Azkaban. Ive seen all of the movies, which the books are always better than.I read a bit on fansites with a grin thats quite sardonical but only really like it when the pairings are canonical. This list of books like the Harry Potter novels includes suggestions for kids and teens of all ages.And, if you have a favorite fantasy novel that you think Harry Potter fans would love, by all means, add it to the list. Harry Potter Fan Theories. Updated on January 4, 2018.This is a popular theory, especially in the beginning of the Harry potter books.

It all started with the quote, bat like cape. Okay, after some time of being on Wattpad and reading some of the books, particularly Harry Potter fan fictions, I have decided to do a book about all theI really enjoyed reading this book. It brought back a side of the Harry Potter world that I would like to enjoy and revel in for the rest of my life. An eighth Harry Potter book is to be released this summer containing the script for a new stage play telling the wizards story.JK Rowling and her team have received a huge number of appeals from fans who cant be in London to see the play and who would like to read the play in book format Rowling said that she would like the new Harry Potter play to be seen widely around the world.The Harry Potter books have sold more than 450 million copies since 1997 and been adapted into eight films. Potter fans are also preparing themselves for spin-off film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Please put on (and vote on) any books that you think Harry Potter fans would like. If youre a hard core Potterhead youll love this Harry Potter book full of Harry Potter related stuff!"There are several things I would like to say.

" "Potter I will assist you in becoming an auror if it is the last thing I do! Get ready to enter the magical world of Harry Potter once more, with these ten books.Many are already a fan of the HBO series which has adapted its fair share from the books, but trust us, the read word is a class apart.Do you have something interesting you would like to share? Ever since the Harry Potter series started, fans have longed to attend wizarding schools like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Fans were given the chance to read the latest installation of the Harry Potter series with the release of the script book for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. NO one can believe how much this lad looks like Harry Potter and many believe he resembles the wizarding character more than Daniel Radcliffe himself.Thankfully, hes a huge fan of the books and admitted: "I finished all the books in just a few months and I still re-read them every now and again." Calling All Potter Fans!Harry Potter will always have a special place in the hearts of many. From J.K. Rowlings incredible books and the mesmerizing films that followed, the saga of the boy who lived was there for us during those turbulent years of puberty. Harry Potter fans can barely believe their luck after the books publisher announced an 8th story will be published in July, 2016.JK Rowling and her team have received a huge number of appeals from fans who cant be in London to see the play and who would like to read the play in book format, so The original Harry Potter books and film series may be a thing of the past, but the world created by JK Rowling is set to grow even further with the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. With so many Potter goodies available to fans, weve popped on our sorting hats and picked out the best Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. When you order pumpkin juice in a restaurant and everyone looks at you like youre mad.Finding yourself in an inconsolable heap on the sofa after re-living your favourite characters death, even though youve read the books hundreds of times and knew it was Harry Potter Fans. 621k likes. If you didnt know who you were before the "Boy Who Lived" this is the place for you. Share your stories, pictures Book series. Suggest Edits. People. 621,775 likes. Harry Potter, the seven-book series written by J. K. Rowling, tells the story of Harry Potter, a young orphan marked by fate to fight the evil wizard Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter has also been adapted into movies by Warner Bros. The first six films were released between 2001 and 2009. The officially Harry Potter Shop will let fans buy their favorite characters wand so you can pretend to perform spells like everyone from Harry himself or even LordAll "Harry Potter" mega-fans consider themselves graduates from Hogwarts after spending seven books with Ron, Harry, and Hermione. If youre a Harry Potter fan who has yet to dive into the online world of Pottermore, make Azkaban one of your very first reads.Unlike the narrative film set in the 1920s, the book of Fantastic Beasts is meant to read like a textbook from Harrys first year at Hogwarts. There are still millions of Harry Potter fans who would still like to have a tattoo of their adored character and everything else about him.Lets look at some of the most common designs of tattoos based on the Harry Potter books and films Which Harry Potter Character do you like best from the choice belowHarry Potter Quotes Quotations from Harry Potter and the other characters In J.K. Rowlings books. The Best Harry Potter Gift Ideas (2015) Any Harry Potter fan would love any of the Harry Potter gift ideas gathered Harry Potter is clearly the best thing that happened to me during my adolescence. Like many other Potterheads, I would race to the end of a newly published book and then spend the time until the publication of the next one, re-reading all of them. Four Methods:Learning More about Harry Potter Incorporating Harry Potter into Your Life Meeting up with Other Fans Visiting Harry Potter Landmarks Community QA.Read books like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Why Harry Potter fans will love it: For your inner Hermione, try this bookstore love story. Release date: June 6. The Leaf Reader by Emily Arsenault.Books like these often go on sale. Should we alert you next time book goes on sale? 8 Books Like "Harry Potter". Magic exists in more places than you might thinkWritten by a true master, this novel has everything a Harry Potter fan loves and then some. Does J.K. Rowling ever read fan fiction of her work? Did J. K. Rowling plan out all 7 books of Harry Potter before she started on the series?Jennifer Quail, Back When I was in Grad School I Really Liked These Books . This is a Harry Potter quiz book like no other. It wont be asking you questions like what school did Harry Potter go to? (If you are a Harry Potter fan, then of course you know the answer!) See how many Harry Potter Facts Only True Fans Know that you know! If you like a good Harry Potter Quiz, youve found the right place!New Harry Potter Books Quiz here The fan theory: Neville was the real Chosen One all along. I know, I know. The prophecy couldve been referring to either Harry or Neville, but then Voldemort had to go and mark Harry as his equal, like some kind of moron, setting into motion the chain ofThe Harry Potter books are all about choices. Protagonist Cath, like many Potter fans, devours magical fanfiction.7. The Tales of Beedle the Bard (8): If you truly cant say goodbye to Harry Potter, then J.K. Rowlings short set of tales is the book for you. 12 books to read if you liked harry potter.Combined with the subtle magical elements (that end up playing a larger role in future books) and a picturesque fantasy world, THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA is a book I think adult fans would enjoy! The Harry Potter book series is considered one of the greatest series in literary history, beginning its commercial life on this day, twenty years ago.Harry Potter fans celebrate 20 years of witchcraft and wizardry. i m biggest fan of harry potteri fell harry potter books are unputdownable oneit is so intresting up.rri am a fan of Harry,too. i like Harry Potter series so much. although i have ever seen full of films about harry potter, i prefer reading book. But with seven books, eight films, and a few dropped hints from JK Rowling herself, plenty of suggested plot lines have been conjured up by the fans.Its been hinted at since the epilogue of Rowlings final Hogwarts book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. From the true nature of characters to twisted love plots, here are 25 Harry Potter Fan Theories ThatTheres pretty hot debate among HP (book) fans over whether or not Harry shouldve ended up withOne Snape died for love. And one Harry Greeted death like an old friend, when he willingly Which world would you like to explore?Ten magical books for Harry Potter fans. Young readers who were hooked on Harry will love these fantastical page-turners brimming with magic, mystery, and friendship. Theres something on this list for all the Harry Potter fans out there. In less than twenty years, the series of seven books has sold over 450 million copies, making it theThis is a lot of fun to receive if youre a Harry Potter fan, and looks just like the CGI prop from the movie. The Dark (book) Mark. Books for Harry Potter fans. 19 Books to Read If You Love The Hunger Games.

Series and books to read for kids who like Harry Potter. In the decades since the Harry Potter books were published, fans have written literally hundreds of thousands of Harry Potter stories of their own, and shared them online.The neural network seems to like your writing, and is writing fan fiction of your fan fiction!) For any Harry Potter fan, its hard to believe a series could ever live up to the brilliance that J.K. Rowling created.Like calls to like. So tell us, what book/series would you recommend Harry Potter fans read? Its not going anywhere. The last Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was released in July 2007, nearly 10 years ago.In that time, Harry Potter fan fiction has slowed down in production, but the communities are still active. Sites like, The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan is another series that is often popular with Harry Potter fans. Ancient Greek gods in a modern setting. Sorcery and Cecelia by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer is another book you might like. That kind of reading. But just like any beloved book series, its depressing when its over.Quests, secrets, danger, and Greek mythology will keep any Harry Potter fans mesmerized in this fast-paced series. The "Wizarding World Book Club" will give Harry Potter fans new and old the opportunity to read the books at the same time as millions of others.Heres a related video you might like: "Bernie Sanders Presents A Giant, Printed-out Tweet By Donald Trump To U.s. Senate". Like many a fan, this is where I got my start my first fan fiction was the same Harry Potter prequel we all decided to write in fifth grade.Here are all the things that Harry Potter fans would change about the books, if they had a Time Turner of their very own Advertising [x]. By Julia Korneva. on Feb 23rd. In Geeky. If anyone asks what I like so much about the Harry Potter series, and why I can reread the books over and over again, I have the perfect answer: its the fact that every time fans read the books again, they discover something new. In the Harry Potter books and movies, Hermione and Draco Malfoy have a very antagonistic relationship.Many fans would like to see this dark (ish) wizard begin hooking up with Hermione!

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