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provide a home for a collection of useful programs designed to handle multiple tasks: apt-get installs and removes the packages, automatically removing any previous dependenciesBut apt-get can do far more than simply maintain the package database the tool can also offer an intelligent download. apt-get is the powerful Ubuntu command line program which installs, upgrades the software packages and removes the old one.I have mentioned previously how to install various versions of Java. If you have more than one Oracle Java version versions installed on your machine, then you have to sudo apt-get install package1 package2 package3.Install each package as a separate command rather than in a single command, this way if one fails to install either due to not found or some other error then it wont stop the others from installing. In more concrete terms, a package whose priority is less than 0 will never be installed. A package with a priority ranging between 0 and 100 will only beIn this case, how do I set up apt-get so that I automatically get updates from, in this example, the webupd8 PPA? apt-get install texmaker Reading package listsThe reason that some packages (that are normally necessary for correct functioning) are recommended rather than required is that some users may have special needs which do not require these packages, so this is done so that people with By introducing apt, which features the most commonly used options from apt-get and apt-cache, not only are the commands slightly shorter, there are also fewer of them.Install Multiple Packages. In a rush, and need to install more than one software package? The apt-get command line tool is more advanced and simpler to use than other available package management tools in Ubuntu.Installing Packages Using apt-get. I personally have worked with many Linux variants and managed packages with various tools. APT will always install the highest priority package that follows this constraint. If two packages have the same priority, APT installs the newest oneThe first step is of course to get the public key. More often than not, the key will be provided as a small text file, which we will call key.asc in the following apt-mark: to mark specific packages as automatically or manually installed. apt-get: the default package handling utility.I personally use only aptitude for my command-line package management (and I never use the text UI) I find its output more readable than apt-get /apt-cache. I see the cause now, I tried sudo apt-get -s install mosquitto and got The following packages have unmet dependencies.

mosquitto : Depends: libwebsockets3 (> 1.2) but it is not installable.However at least there is some advantage to using apt rather than apt-get . Do you want Debian Package Install Getting Started? This tutorial shows you step-by-step How to Install New Software on Debian GNU/Linux?Most noteworthy: the Debian Stable Apt Repository includes a List of More than 480000 Packages! For example: "apt-get -s install " will simulate installing the package, showing you what packages will be installed and configured.It is slower than dlocate but has the advantage of being installed by default on all Debian and Ubuntu systems. The apt-get utilities are simply a front-end to the debian dpkg utility, which actually does the real work.On Debian, Ruby 1.8 is provided as separate packages.

You can get full Ruby 1.8 distribution by installingGet downloadable ebooks for free! Get geeky trivia, fun facts, and much more. Install the Salt master, minion or other packages from the repository with the apt-get command. These examples each install one of Salt components, but more than one package name may be given at a time sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable -s Reading package lists Done Building dependency tree Reading state informationAnd there you are. More straightforward than pinning using apts preferences file (with less margin for disaster), and easily reversible. When I tried apt-get install -f [email protected]: sudo apt-get -f install [sudo] password for siddharth: Reading package listsHowever for all my hunting, I cant find anything more useful than How. How to know what libraries the apt-get install command installs [and optionally, how to locate Some packages need other packages to function. Tools like apt-get, aptitude and yum will install all dependencies you need.You can add more than one parameter here. yum install package1 package2 package3. More rarely, the installed version of a package is more recent than any of the other available versions. The package will not be downgraded when apt-get install some-package or apt-get upgrade is executed. More recent distros can also do apt download (similar to biocybermans answer but I think apt is now more common than aptitude).debian apt-get install to install newer version of a certain package other than the default one 5 years old. 0. Have apt-get install packages from a most popular apt-get commands [install remove update upgrade dist-upgrade purge clean] . apt-get config file location /etc/apt/apt.conf .Remove more than one packages sudo apt-get remove MariaDB-server MariaDB-client . Its a prerequisite for many tasks that an admin might want to perform at some point: enable a feature that is disabled in the official Debian package, rebuild a sourceIt supports the same syntactic sugar than apt-get source so that you can run apt-get build-dep publican/testing to install the apt-get install package1 package2 package3.this way you could type all the packages into a script file, save it, and then run it with a short command (ie: installall) Technorati Tags: Apt-Get, Apt-Cache, Install, Package, Debian, Linux, Subversion, Andrew Beacock.Othen distros normaly use more specific definition name or name-version name version is mad idea too many googling for this shit die debilan, die Read also: How to Install Specific Version of Package using apt-get. 1) Exclude packages with some commands.PrestaShop is the most powerful, dynamic and fully-featured free eCommerce software enriched with innovative tools. It is used by more than 2,50,000 people around the world for making apt-get upgrade. Notice they took a bit longer than the first time? this is because apt just downloaded the new package lists from the internet, since you changes the repositories. There should not be any updates, if there are it should not be many, by me it updated tzdata. However, if I execute apt-get install nginx-full1.7.5-1trusty1 nginx-common 1.7.5-1trusty1 then installation succeeds.install a package and dependencies from the proposed repository, which has a much lower apt priority than PPAs or the main repositories. Listing 3. Simulated or dry-run install of gfortran-doc. ianattic-u14: sudo apt-get install -s gfortran-doc Reading package listsMost of the package tools can tell you a lot more about an installed package than about one that you do not yet have installed, such as the list of files within a package. apt-cache show will display the basic information, while apt-cache showpkg will display more info than apt-cache show9. Reinstalling a package with apt-get: apt-get install --reinstall nmap. Verify if a package is installed or not with dpkg -l First of all you might have noticed that all of my tutorials use the command aptitude instead of apt-get. The reason for this, from my understanding (and perhaps some of you can address this in a bit more detail) that aptitude handles dependencies better than apt-get. For example, if you install package X addons: apt: sources: - ubuntu-toolchain-r-test packages: - gcc-4.8 - g-4.8. Note: If apt-get install fails, the build is marked an error.The Ubuntu snap store offers many packages directly maintained by upstream developers, with newer versions than the ones available in the Trusty archive, or even You can reinstall a package with sudo apt-get install --reinstall packagename.You can use tune2fs to mark the filesystem as having been mounted more times than its set limit, that should force a check next boot. apt-get install (package name). In both the above cases you must have that package in apt cache , for this you need to first add the package repository using Why cant we install more than one package at a time in Ubuntu? How do I install LAMP in Ubuntu 16.04? apt-get install slrn/unstable Reading package lists Done Building dependency tree Reading state informationapt installing more packages than specified as dependencies.

0. Cant install software in Debian 6. A package management system does much more than one-time installation of software. It also provides tools for upgrading already- installed packages.sudo apt-get install package1 package2 Installs all listed packages. However, if I execute apt-get install nginx-full1.7.5-1trusty1 nginx-common 1.7.5-1trusty1 then installation succeeds.install a package and dependencies from the proposed repository, which has a much lower apt priority than PPAs or the main repositories. Install apt-fast shell wrapper: sudo apt-get -y install apt-fast OR sudo apt -y install apt-fast Sample outputs: Reading package listsThis doesnt work. A normal server reject more than 1 request from the same IP. Most of the examples will have apt and equivalent apt-get or apt-cache commands.1. How to install packages with apt. To install a package, you can use the following command. You can mention multiple package names separated by a space. sudo apt-get install alien.Get all the newest Articles, Discounts and Coupons before everyone else. No More Results. Previous Post. pip Uninstall | Uninstall a Package Installed with pip. Read Also: Learn 25 apt-get and apt-cache Command Examples in Debian based Systems. Package management tools help System/Server Administrators in many ways such as: Downloading and installing software. apt-get --reinstall install gdm Reading Package Listsapt-show-versions provides a safe way for users of mixed distributions to upgrade their systems without getting more of the less-stable distribution than they had in mind. apt-get -t testing install sgmltools2. The Pin-Priority fields ensure that unless you specifiy it manually, all packages will be taken from the stable distribution (of course, dependencies are always met, so you might have to download more than one package from testing). With APT, packages can be added or removed from the system, respectively with apt install package and apt remove package.In other words, the goal is to ensure the least intrusive upgrade possible. apt-get is slightly more demanding than aptitude or apt because it will refuse to install packages How To Install Any Ubuntu Package Using Apt-Get. Share. Pin. Email.It is a command line application which will instantly put some people off but it gives you so much more than any other tool at your disposal. More examples. dpkg -i Installs a Debian package file one that you downloaded manually, for example.The apt-get install command will install the package and pull in all necessary dependencies, that is other packages that are needed to run the current required package. To enable more than one architecture version of a package to be installed at the same time (generally libraries and dev- packages) files need to be moved so they dont clash.apt-get install package:architecture. How to install multiple packages. You are not restricted to install just one package at a time. You can install several packages at a time by providing their namesMost of the time, simple remove is more than enough for uninstalling a package. How to clean your system with apt-get. Apt stands for Advanced Packaging Tool, apt-get and apt-cache are the two most used apt command. Apt-get is used for installing, removing, purging, upgrading, even upgrading entire system while apt-cache is mainly used for searching available software packages. Just type apt-get upgrade to have apt check every single package on your system for a new version and then download and install it.If you want to install more than one package, mark them all for installation at this point. sudo apt-get install package-name. If you are for some reason want apt- get to just download the packages and dependencies without installing it, simply add -d switch to the command as the following. My question is how can I get a more recent version -- ideally using, 1) a package manager that figuresThe pandas site, gives the instructions sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pythonxy/pythonxy-devel sudo apt-get update, followed by sudo apt-get install python-pandas, but this doesnt seem

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