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Do your comments logic here. Counter comments.size() . Consider api-samples, if you need a sample skeleton project. Update. The situation when you cant get all the comments can be also caused by the quota limits (at least I faced it): Units/day 50,000,000. I comment a lot at youtube videos, but I dont know where all those comments go. I got nowhere to go if I want to go back and check what Ive commented before. The only ways I can only see my past comments is when someone replies to me Name Rating Comments Views/Popularity Updated Updated version Updated tool Updated comments Description Type. favourite videos, ":ytfav" for short (requires authentication), youtube:history: Youtube watch history, ":ythistory" for short (requires authentication), youtube:live YouTube - History. 506 Views View Upvoters. Annas Mouaziz, studied Computer Science.History - YouTube Go here and click on comments to find them. For the past week or two (so, probably unrelated to the change that happened yesterday), Ive been having a weird problem on YouTube. It used to be that I could click over to History -> Comment History which would take me to https Wondering how to see your comments on YouTube videos? TubeComments lets you search video comments by user. Track replies, review your history, protect your identity online. It is now very easy to find comments you have left on other peoples videos. If you are signed into YouTube from your computer, you can click on the side Your curiosity about this how to view youtube comment history will be solved sooner when starting to read. Moreover, when you finish this book, you may not only solve your curiosity but also find the true meaning. To view comments on a video, just scroll down the videos page.

All comments on YouTube are public and anyone can reply to a comment that you post.View your Comment History. Go to History. It used to be the case that there was a dedicated section for browsing comments, but this was removed through an update to the website. This is how to see youtube comment history in the current (early 2013) version of YouTube. Enter the username and click "Search comments." This is the one current YouTube feature that does allow direct username searches to find comments.This section does not show all the viewing history of the user. Easy tutorial on viewing your youtube comment history in 2018. By doing this you can view, edit and delete every comment you have ever made on Youtube. Someone needs to respond to you on a video so it will say (your username) and then if you click your name in blue, its a link and it will take you to a page of recent comments you made. YouTube creators love that we provide tools that allow them to easily moderate their YouTube comments, see a viewers comment history, and replyPosted by Robert Sandie In News real time comments, reply from a different channel, social enterprise, view all comments by a user, youtube Any help on viewing my own comment history made on other channels / videos will be greatly appreciated.

Just to be clear, i am not looking for replies to my comments, i am looking for a record of my own comments. How to EASILY view your comment history on YouTube! 2017 Quick simple how to on viewing comments you have posted on YouTube videos.Please leave Please consider buying me a cup of coffee. Возможность бесплатно смотреть и скачать сотни тысяч Видео Роликов: Клипы Приколы Драки Аварии Спорт Comedy Трейлеры и многие другие бесплатные Видео. View all comments >.more on this story. Manchester United end 13-year wait for official YouTube channel. Lure of video-sharing sites 1.3bn users finally has club ready to play catchup with football rivals. Remove Youtube History on Computer. Log in to YouTube website at YouTube .com.You can also see from this screen the list of video comments you have written through comment history option. Clear Youtube History on Ipad and Iphone. Whichever the reason, the good news is that you can actually view all your comment history on YouTube though I cant promise finding a specific comment is going to be easy, especially if you happen to be quite the prolific one in the comment section. Quick simple how to on viewing comments you have posted on YouTube videos. Please leave a like if this video helped you. Subscribe for more high quality how If you are signed into YouTube from your computer, you can click on the side menu where it says history and this will bring you to a page that shows you viewing history, search history, and now comments history. One of them is this how to view youtube comment history that can be your partner.So, connect to internet and visit this site always to get the new book every day. Now, this how to view youtube comment history is yours. Viewing YouTube Video History on Android. Step 1: Launch YouTube app and sign in with your Google account. YouTube might ask you some permission for accessing your account and your 1 activities.View Comments. YouTube tracks your viewing history and displays recently viewed videos so that you can easily find them again. Although other YouTube users cant see viewing history from your YouTube Channel page 30. And finally, most importantly, the only time in YouTube in history when this ever happenedView Comments. How to clear YouTube view history. Step 1: Go to account History.But to prevent YouTube from saving your viewing history going forward, it is recommended to click Pause watch history.Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Current yer . View, pause or delete watch history. Its pretty much easy to manage your YouTube watch history.To pause watch history, tap "Pause" option. In this way, you can easily manage your YouTube watch history. If youve any questions, feel free to drop them in below comments. New YouTube Feature - View ALL Comments Youve Made. YouTube released comment history today.How Do You Look At Comments On Youtube? How to easily view your comment history on youtube! 2017 how youtube app tutorial. From Youtube. About. File History. Metadata.COBALTGRUV was one of the earliest users to comment on YouTube, plus the creator of YouTubesClick on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. In order to see the comment history, Youtube provides a way by directly using your username. To view the recent comment history you can use comment search method. Here, enter the user name and click on Search comments. New YouTube Feature - View ALL Comments Youve Made. YouTube released comment history today. This is a one shop stop to find all the comments you have left on any YouTube video. Check out your comment history Hence, YouTube comment history. Well, Google was probably oblivious to this demand until many users went on to rant about this on Q/A platforms like this.In order to view and search for all your comments on YouTube, what you need to do is Click on Pause All Viewing History. Now from this point on, none of the videos you watch will be documented.How To: View or Delete Facebook Search History. How To: Use Greasemonkey to hide YouTube comments by default. welcome to a tutorial on viewing and editing your entire youtube comment history. Not many people are aware that you are able to browse through your complete comment history on Youtube. It is not only about the how this book concern about, it is about what you can take from the book when you have read. Even thats only for few pages it will help you to give additional inspirations.

Yeah, how to view youtube comment history is very incredible for you. You can now view and manage all of your public comments across YouTube in one place. Simply navigate to your History (also contains Watch History and Search History) and select Comments on videos history. Then, click "Clear All Viewing History". Once youve cleared your history, click "Pause Viewing History" to stop YouTube from recording your future activity. You may need to click on the History tab for the "Pause Viewing History" button to show back up. Autoloads all comments on Youtube when the video page is opened.v1.1 2015-03-10 - Expand comments under "View all", set the request timeout to 2sec to avoid being blocked by google. View Your YouTube Comment History 2017 - Продолжительность: 1:51 XunileConsulting 12 548 просмотров.New YouTube Feature - View ALL Comments Youve Made - Продолжительность: 1:05 Preston McNair 11 664 просмотра. - View Your YouTube Comment History 06/03/2017 It is now very easy to find comments you have left on other peoples videos. If you are signed into YouTube from your computer, you can click on the side If a new video loads, just click back in your browser, or find the video you want to comment on through Search or your play history.If you are viewing YouTube in a web browser, you should see your Google icon (user pic) at the top right of the window. This article outlines few steps on how to view your comments on YouTube.The favorites section might be helpful to some level but since it does not allow you to view all the history of the user, the history section can be additionally helpful. To view comments on a video, just scroll down the videos page. Replies are threaded to make it easy to follow conversations.View your comment history. You can view public comments youve left across YouTube. python Youll be prompted for your Google username and password if you havent downloaded the raw metadata yet.Feel free to direct any questions or comments to the Issues page of the repository. YouTube is nowadays in the limelight because of the integration of the new Google comments.How to stop/pause it for good. To view your YouTube watch history, click on the History link from the left sidebar. Youll now be able to see your entire history. You can remove individual videos from your history by selecting them and clicking the Remove button afterwards, or all videos with a click on Clear all viewing history.Comments. dio said on September 1, 2011 at 1:18 pm. Reply. i want to know a way to STOP recording history on youtube > Click on Clear All Watch History to clear your watch list. > If you do not want google to track what you are viewing after this point you can click on Pause Watch History.How to hide all YouTube video Suggestions? The Quietube bookmarklet gives a clean YouTube page removingComment. Name. From the left side, click on History and then select Comments on Videos. You can scroll down to view all the comments you made on various Youtube videos. You can click on the vertical ellipses to find options to Edit and Delete these comments. In this video I will show you how to view your You Tube comments history. Easily view comments that you have posted. If you like this video please feel free to subscribe.

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