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So how i can send the post data to postinfo.php with javascript with empty action in my html form? Thanks in advance!a request.form.get(username) b request.form.get(pwd) print a, b. Express.js is basically high class, high performance web development which is used for node. js. Here we are going to explain how to get the Post parameters passed from a Form using post method. Get POST data In Express.js Node.js. The html Javascript Part are as below . DHTML Tutorial How to display user entered information using HTML and JavaScript HTML Calculator What is HTML 5?The data sent to the get.html is not visible in the browser to the user.HTML Post Form. Posted on: May 24, 2009 If you enjoyed this post then why not add us on Google? One way to solve this would be something like this, then u just have to get the values from the inputforms into the JSON object.

post() )?HTML form send data by GET instead POST. Never you can get POST data from client side (using javascript or any other client side language)You must use a server side language to get post data (like PHP, nodeJs).Following is the exact solution that you want. Page A (a.

html). Should we use the GET method for sending data from an HTML form, or the POST method instead?The form data do not appear in the URL. Accordingly, it is not possible to retrieve data directly in JavaScript, you should add some PHP code in the page HTML forms use either GET or POST to send data to the server.The following code shows how to post form data using jQuery.