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Glucose transporters wiki: Glucose transporters are a wide group of membrane proteins that facilitate the transport of glucose over a plasma membrane. Class I comprises the well-characterized glucose transporters GLUT1-GLUT4.[13].GLUT7 - SLC2A7 - (SLC2A7), transporting glucose out of the endoplasmic reticulum [14]. In ostriches chicken after hatching the staining for glucose transporters GLUT-2 and GLUT-5 occured to be very weak Horizons in Nutritional Science. Glucose transporters (GLUT and SGLT)At least three, and up to six, Na-dependent glucose transporters (SGLT1 SGLT6 gene name SLC5A) have been identied. Glucose Transporter (GLUT): How Does it Work? Glucose Transport Made Ridiculously Simple. Exercise and Insulin Stimulated Glucose Uptake by Skeletal Muscle. The abundance of mRNAs encoding the Na-glucose cotransporter isoform SGLT1 and the facilitative glucose transporter isoforms GLUT2 and GLUT5 is developmentally modulated with highest levels Results. Human GLUT5 immunolabeling is useful for evaluating microglial status in neuropathological study using paraffin sections. 2-deoxy-6-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose GLUT1, facilitative glucose transporter 1 GLUT2, facilitativeFructose-specific facilitative hexose transporter GLUT5 represents an alternative biomarker for PET Glucose transporter (GLUT) proteins play a key role in the transport of monosaccharides across cellular membranes, blood sugar regulation and tissue metabolism [10]. cytochalasin B-sensitive carrier. seems to function primarily as a fructose transporter. belongs to the major facilitator superfamily, sugar transporter (TC 2.A.1.1) family, glucose transporter subfamily. mass spec: mass54973.98 methodMALDI [2]. membrane. expressed in small intestine Hexose Transporters.

The hexoses glucose, galactose and fructose serve as important dietaryTransport hexoses down a concentration gradient: GLUT1, GLUT2, GLUT3, GLUT4 and GLUT5. Glucose transporter Glucose transporters (GLUT or SLC2A family) are a family of membrane proteins found in most mammalian cells. The recently cloned Glut-5, glucose transporter isoform, is expressed in human jejunum and kidney. Employing previously characterized polyclonal antibodies directed towards the Glucose transporters. STUDY. PLAY. Glut 1. basal metabolic glucose uptake in all mammalian tissues. Hereditary deficiency of GLUT-1, insulin -independent transporter, results in decreased glucose transport.GLUT-1 transporter is expressed in which of the following cell types? Glucose transporter Glucose transporters (GLUT or SLC2A family) are a family of membrane proteins found in most mammalian cells. Skeletal muscle, a primary insulin target tissue, expresses the GLUT5 fructose transporter.keywords "Fructose, Glucose, GLUT5 promoter, Luciferase" Anti-Glucose Transporter 5 GLUT5 Antibody. Rabbit IgG polyclonal antibody for Solute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 5SLC2A5 detection. Glut 5 is a member of a family of facilitative glucose transporter proteins that are involved in the transportation of glucose and/or fructose across plasma membranes.

In ostriches chicken after hatching the staining for glucose transporters GLUT-2 and GLUT-5 occurred to be very weak This shareable PDF can be hosted on any platform or network and is fully compliant with publisher copyright. Comparative Study of Glucose Transporters GLUT-2 and Glucose transporter glut 5 expression in microglial cells. Jennifer Payne Fran Maher Ian Simpson Linda Mattice Peter Davies. Rabbit polyclonal to Glucose Transporter 5 GLUT5.Supplier Page from Abcam for Anti-Glucose Transporter 5 GLUT5 antibody. GLUT, facilitative glucose transporter SGLT, sodium/glucose cotransporter N/A, information not available. family (i.e SGLT, SLC5A), has allowed their investigation in the kidney and a Product information: Glucose transporter GLUT5 - - Product info.3x Glucose transporter GLUT5 found in fabgen. Antibodys or peptide concentration. Glucose uptake is mediated by energy independent process of facilitated diffusion down its concentration gradient involving glucose transporters (GLUTs) GLUT5 Antibody (Glucose transporter 5) (R30827). Catalog No. Formulation. Western blot testing of GLUT5 antibody and Lane 1: rat kidney 2: rat liver 3: mouse kidney tissue lysate. About this Kit: Mouse Glucose Transporter 5 (GLUT5) Elisa Kit can be used to estimate Mouse Glucose Transporter 5 levels in various Mouse sample Types. GLUT5 exhibits the weakest inter-isoform similarity of any of the members of the GLUT family. This is consistent with its identity as a fructose rather than a glucose transporter [PMID: 1634504]. Glucose transporters, in particular GLUT1, have therefore become a target of interest in cancer research, as have glycolytic inhibitors. 295 USD. Glucose transporter GLUT5 Antibody. Description. Affinity Purified Solute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 5 Antibody. 2TC7 cells, thyroid hormone and glucose increase GLUT5. mRNA abundance in a dose-dependent, see [9]).

It stimulates glucose transporter expression in. Anti-GLUT-5 Antibody, a.a. 490-502 detects level of GLUT-5 has been published validated for use in WB. Synonym: Fructose transporter, Glucose transporter type 5, small intestine, glucose J. (1999) 339, 233239 (Printed in Great Britain) 233 Glucose and thyroid hormone co-regulate the expression of the intestinal fructose transporter GLUT5 Miriam MATOSIN-MATEKALO, Jose! the pCMV6-ENTRY Glucose Transporter 5 GLUT5 Western blot - Anti-Glucose Transporter 5 GLUT5 antibody [9H4] (ab113931) Lysates/proteins at 5 g per lane. Glucose Transporter Type 5. On-line free medical diagnosis assistant. Ranked list of possible diseases from either several symptoms or a full patient history. Adult, Amino Acid Sequence, Antibodies, Blotting, Northern, Fluorescent Antibody Technique, Glucose, metabolism, Humans, Intestine, Small, chemistry, embryology, Microvilli, Molecular Sequence Data Glucose transporters in the transepithelial transport of glucose. J. Electron Microsc.GLUT2 is a high affinity glucosamine transporter. S.v. "GLUT."Glucose transporter (GLUT-4) protein was unchanged after chronic R-()-ALA treatment but was reduced to 81 /- 6 of obese control with S-(-)-ALA treatment. Buy our Glucose Transporter 5 GLUT5 peptide. Ab171722 is a blocking peptide for ab41533 and has been validated in BL. Abcam provides free protocols, tips and Facilitated Glucose Transporter 5. GLUT5, an apically expressed transmembrane protein, facilitates fructose absorption by moving the sugar down a chemical gradient.148,169 You can also browse global suppliers,vendor,prices,Price,manufacturers of GLUCOSE TRANSPORTER 5, RAT, 13AA NEAR CT(). The expression of GLUT2, SGLT1, and GLUT5 glucose transporters was investigated using immunoperoxidase labeling. GLUT5 is the abbreviation for Glucose Transporter 5. usage. Areas of interest where GLUT5 (Glucose Transporter 5) is mostly used. Facilitative diffusion by Na-independent glucose transporter system ( GLUT5). The hepatic portal system, which leads directly to the liver and transporting water-soluble nutrients. Glucose transporters are a wide group of membrane proteins that facilitate the transport of glucose over a plasma membrane. Because glucose is a vital source of energy for all life, these transporters are present in all phyla. The FASEB Journal Research Communication. Inhibition of the intestinal glucose transporter GLUT2 by avonoids. Glucose Transporters (GLUTs and SGLTs) - Biochemistry Lesson - Duration: 7:34.Glucose transporter 1 (GLUT-1) Mnemonic - Duration: 1:27. glucose transporter [anti-(human GLUT2) used at a dilution of 1:500 was provided by Dr. G. Gould, University of Glasgow, Scotland, U.K 260 USD. A synthetic peptide corresponding to a sequence in the middle region of mouse Glucose Transporter 5 GLUT5(232-251aa ALQTLRGWKDVHLEMEEIRK)

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